"Good coaching makes people confident about improving their competence, and encourages creative and individual ways of performing. It leaves people connected to sport and physical activity and builds character through being positively involved with others."

Jean Côté, 2012

At CNS Sports Stars we offer veriety of coaching options for your little player.

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Our Little Stars programme runs from 18 months to 32 months.  Within this is a 6 month breakdown of groupings.  The general idea of this programme is to make sure children develop the basic moves such as agility, balance and co ordination.  They will learn to play fairly, recognise colours, shapes and a variety of ways to move.  Sessions are often story based with themes changing from week to week.  We expect children to come away from the sessions having learnt new moves, had lots of smiles and wanting to come back again next week.  Now and then we might need a bit of parent involvement so please be prepared for that!

Moving to Mini Soccer will see a definite shift towards football based activities.  There is still a clear focus on players movement, speed and ability to change direction but this often done with a football at their feet.  Players will learn new skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, tackling and different ways of changing direction with the ball.  At the end of this phase players will have the chance to play games against other CNS players and also against other local clubs.  This is all done in a non competitive, friendly environment.

Our development sessions is the start of players looking to get in to a team or developing their skills even further.   If a player wants to be a in a team at this age then we will make sure they are assigned to one.  Our partnership with Hetton Juniors FC becomes more evident now with players moving into teams such as Inter, Milan, Lazio, Roma, Napoli and Juventus!  Exciting times for players and parents.  Sessions will be skill based with more time spent playing games towards the end of sessions.