"Good coaching makes people confident about improving their competence, and encourages creative and individual ways of performing. It leaves people connected to sport and physical activity and builds character through being positively involved with others."

Jean Côté, 2012

At CNS Sports Stars we offer veriety of coaching options for your little player.

See below and see what option is best for you

Development Programme - Year 2-6

7 - 11yrs

This session is an open age session where players can attend from 6 years plus. This could be for players who have a club team in the area or don't yet have a club team. The session provides a good chance to improve individual skill levels, team work and cooperation. Players could use this is an extra training session per week or an opportunity to get some training before joining a team at their age group. We always have 2 coaches at the session so can plan to accommodate various ages and skill levels

Mini Soccer Plus - Year 1

5 - 6yrs

The sessions will build on our mini soccer programmes basic skills and movements. Children will develop their basic skills and start to practice them more in a competitive situation where appropriate. We have 2 coaches at the session so we can group the players so they are suitably challenged throughout their time with us. By attending these sessions the children will put themselves in a position to join a team at U7 level with Hetton Juniors Football Club. Some players could use this session as an extra training session per week away from their club teams. Recommended Equipment; - sports wear - trainers/boots - shin pads - water bottle

Mini Soccer - Reception

4 - 5yrs

An introduction to football for players. The main focus of the sessions will always be player enjoyment. Children will have the chance to learn basic skills and develop their movement patterns at each session. We will have 2 coaches at the session so we can group players so that they are challenged at the right level throughout. Recommended Equipment; - sports wear - trainers/boots - shin pads - water bottle

Mini Soccer Fun - Nursery

3 - 4yrs

This session is for players who are 3 years old and want to come along to enjoy basic movements with some football basics thrown in! The session will be about children learning to love movements, running, jumping, changing direction, balancing and socially interacting with other children. This 30 minute session will be full of enjoyment and exciting activities for the children

Pre Mini Soccer

2 - 3yrs

This session is focused for players who are 2 years old. Its absolutely about smiling, enjoying and taking part! Parents might need to help out now and then just so players get the hang of a few of the activities. Activities will be a combination of football and other sports so children can develop their basic moves and hand/eye coordination skills. This is the first step on the CNS football ladder

1 on 1 Session

4 - 18yrs

A 1 on 1 session with CNS gives your child bespoke support with our lead coaches. For the younger players this could be to develop basic skills and movements with more attention from the coach. Older players can develop certain aspects of their game with more attention to detail. A great chance to develop technical and physical skills. If a block booking is made we will design a bespoke programme to develop the player for the long term. Recommended Equipment; - sports wear - trainers/boots - shin pads - water bottle

Mini Soccer - Introduction to the Game - Reception and Year 1

4 - 6yrs

Players going into year 1 or 2 in September will take part in 3 x 12 minute games, with a 3 minute break between games which will focus on the basic rules of the game of football. This will be an enjoyable experience for the players to be able to learn the rules as they play. Our coaches will coach and referee within the game by giving demonstrations of what happens at different points of the game. There are only 30 spaces available. This session is for children who are starting year 1 or 2 in September. What happens at the start of the game? What is the retreat rule in mini soccer? When is it a corner? When is it a goal kick? How to take a throw in? What happens at the start of the game? What happens after a goal?

Develop the Game - Year 1 to Year 3

6 - 8yrs

Developing the game is a chance for players to continue to learn the basic rules alongside some more complex ones. Coaches will use the games to give examples of some basic tactics and challenges that will help the players think about the game from a different perspective. Examples include how to use the wide areas of the field, how to attack from a goal kick, how to defend from a goal kick, some ideas about how to take set pieces and more. A great chance for match practice in an organised setting with coaches and correct refereeing.